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Bahaman Pastor Softens Position On Gays, Still Sees Them As Sinful

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English: Coat of arms of Bahamas Русский: Герб багамских островов (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is a common belief in the LGBT Community that someone who protests too much about homosexuality are usually self-loathing closet cases. It is usually not found within the people who normally attack and criticize homosexuality. Bishop Simeon Hall, the former leader of the New Covenant Baptist Church, is known strongly for being anti-gay, but appears to have not only softened his position on homosexuality, but criticized those who still hold the beliefs that he ones preached.

Hall, who is the ex-president of the Bahamas Christian Council, stated “The demonization of homosexuals by some pastors is the greatest hindrance to any positive dialogue or efforts the church might establish with them. The Bahamian public in general, as well as pastors in particular, must be careful of what we demonize and protest.”

He went on to say that “I also believe that of the 133 sins listed in the Bible. if a pastor can only preach on one of them it could very well be that he has that problem – if not in practice then perhaps dormantly.”

Hall accused lesbians and gays of engaging in a “non-productive and deadly practice” last year, and though he was apparently talking about the rise in HIV/AIDS rates in the island nation, the real problem for HIV/AIDS is in the heterosexual population not in the lesbian or gay population. In April, Hall blamed the crises facing the nation on “drugs, gambling, alcoholism and the decay of the family structure.”

However, Hall may be softening slightly in his positions and stated recently that “If the Christian church is to reach the un-church as our Lord commands, then, without changing our message we must change our methods and affirm our common humanity with all persons.”

Unfortunately, the ‘love the sinner, hate the sin’ attitude is not really a huge hit among the LGBT Community, and while it is likely that those pastors who focus on homosexuality to the exclusion of all else may be gay, Hall’s attitude is still one of homosexuality being a sin.



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