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COMIC REVIEW: “Watson and Holmes #1″ by New Paradigm Studios

393775_446583902052463_2126147540_nYou’ve heard of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson. They have tv shows. But you’ve probably never seen the two iconic characters re-vamped as African-American detectives in a present-day Urban setting, have you? Well, not til now.

“Watson and Holmes #1″ begins with a shock. When you open a comic book you don’t expect the first thing you see to be a crying baby…in a dumpster. It definitely gets your attention. This is not your regular happy-go-lucky story of two heroes. This isn’t a cheerful beginning. This story comes from gritty urban Reality. The baby’s name is Jane. This is how you meet medial intern, Jon Watson. You are introduced to the intern’s hands as he tries to save a life…and is unable to.

1202_508442342533285_1847327900_n*silence for life lost*

With that being the first page of the first issue, I’m already prepared to get out the box of tissues and have a good cry. I can’t help but keep reading. It isn’t long before another person is brought into the ER, badly beaten and about to lose consciousness, followed by the cops and Holmes.

Check out “Watson and Holmes #1″ by New Paradigm Studios (on Facebook) while it is brand spanking new. You’ll find updates and Sneak Peeks there! If you are looking to purchase the very first issue (#1 was released in Aug., #2 is out and #3 is coming out next month), go HERE,  or these fine retailers: Comixology, Comicsplus, iTunes, Amazon, and Nook .

They also have for free in their Free Reads Section, a story called “The Rockthrower” . Its about a down and out baseball scout trying to recruit a Palestinian wunderkind to be the next great ace pitcher. The first issue is FREE!



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