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Coming Out a Piece of Cake


15 yr. old Laurel [Tumblr user ellende-generes] found a truly unique way to break the news to her folks that she is gay. She baked them a cake with “I’m Gay” in bright green frosting on top, and left it in the kitchen with a letter.

good morning parents,

i’m gay. i’ve wanted to tell you for a long time. i thought doing it this way would be a piece of cake. i hope you still love me. i mean, it’s hard not to love someone who baked you a cake.
all my friends know and still love me. your acceptance would be the icing on the cake.
i hope you, much like this cake, are not in tiers.
i hope we can look back on this and say “boy, this one really takes the cake.”
it gets batter.
love, laurel (sorry for so many puns)

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Laurel kept her friends in the loop, posting first a photo of the presentation, and then how her parents took the news. As one would hope, there were tears and laughter, acceptance and support… and cake.



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