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Dog Rescue Needed in Kansas City, MO ASAP!

English: Kansas City, Missouri skyline

Kansas City, Missouri skyline


If you have the time needed to offer a home to this aging dog, he is scheduled to be put down next week because his current owner can’t. The contact is Katie Brennan (Katie is NOT the owner, just someone trying to help find another option for Kody). This is the write up on Kody. Please only contact Katie if you are able to help!


“My name is Kody. I am 14 years old and very loving. I have been blind for many years and have had my eyes removed for my health. I like to sleep a lot, eat my daily meals, and greet my owners. I like to go for short walks. My physical health is still superb, although I have lost weight due to my aging kidneys. I am a bit more confused these days and sometimes have accidents inside. I have accidents mostly when I am left alone because I feel somewhat anxious. I really like to be around people. I do not bark, unless someone rings the doorbell. I am affectionate and gentle. My current owner cannot care for me due to my recent habit of making a mess in the house. I have lived with two other dogs before and can get along with other pets. I currently live with a cat. My owner is going to put me down next week if I do not find another home. The vet says I still have good life in me, but need special care and patience.”



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