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“Emer’s Mixed Tapes”: American Idol Season 12

Main Pic top LeftIt’s finally 2013 and so far America has survived an impending apocalypse, the loss of its favorite snack food (Hostess), the deaths of some of the greatest artists of our time, and many other hardships.  However, it is that joyous time of year again where hundreds of thousands of people pack themselves in all the greatest cities in the U.S. to try out for a chance to become the next American Idol.

American Idol is back for its 12th season and is fully loaded, and rebooted, to bring even more surprises than last year.  The show’s fans jaws dropped when they heard that it was introducing Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, and Nicki Minaj as new judges after news of dropping Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez from the judging panel.  However, as usual, Randy Jackson will not be going anywhere.

Middle Right

Carey & Minaj

While watching the first episodes that consist of auditions to see who will make it to Hollywood week, any viewer would notice that this mixture of celebrity faces on the judging panel might not have been a smart move.  There was more bickering and arguing between the judges during the first two episodes than actual auditions.  Most of the bickering was between Carey and Minaj, while poor Urban had to play “scratching post” sitting in between them.

There were many amazing auditions, some of which could bring tears to the eyes of the biggest manly man.  However, at the same time there was a fair share of horrible ones as usual. Everyone knows that it is good television when there are hilarious out takes, however, the way American Idol portrayed these poor musically untalented humans could only be looked at as slight bullying.  Negative criticism is good for any artist, but it’s not criticism when they sit there, laugh, and blatantly make fun of them.

Bottom LeftI have been a fan of American Idol for many years, but by far this has been the worst season so far, and I have only seen two episodes.  I am a fan of every celebrity on the judging panel, but they should not be sitting at the same table together.  I am really hoping this season picks up, the judges can stop fighting, and everything can get back to the professional, fun show it used to be.

In memory of how awesome last year was, I have compiled some of my favorite moments from season 11 for all of you to enjoy.  Thanks for tuning in and I will see you all again next week.



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