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Former Newsreader, Open Lesbian Alice Arnold Slams Anti-Gay Politicos

Marriage EqualityAlice Arnold has slammed anti-marriage equality Members of Parliament over their comments about same-sex marriage. In a recent interview with Gaydio, she called the comments hurtful and stated “That is quite disconcerting when an argument comes up about it and you suddenly realise that people do not treat you equally and don’t think of you equally.”

She went on to say
“It brings out some horrible stuff doesn’t it and brings out some very unkind thoughts and expressions. It is hurtful.”

Arnold, who is fifty, is openly lesbian and is a former newsreader for Radio 4. As a newsreader, she was not allowed to say what she thought. She also stated “If you are reading the news you are absolutely bound not to have an opinion inside or outside the BBC on any of those topics so I was not allowed to talk about it. . .Of course I had an opinion, so it releases me now to be able to speak about it.”

Arnold said about her ten year relationship with her partner sports presenter Clare Balding “We have always said that we are civil partners not that we are married because we are not married because we are not allowed to be married. And that is a mouthful. And to be honest… it wasn’t the top of our agenda of something to fight about.”

Members of Parliament will begin to debate and vote on marriage equality legislation before the next recess on 14 February. In many ways, the reason why Arnold and Balding started to consider marriage equality so important was because of the amount of homophobic stuff that began to come out.



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