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FOX Says Good-Bye To Sarah Palin

English: Sarah Palin, announcing her resignati...

English: Sarah Palin, announcing her resignation as Governor of Alaska (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Poor Sarah Palin. Her star rose so high and now…Palin’s contract with FOX News has come to an end. The former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate has pretty much gone back into obscurity. The parting of the ways appears to be amicable, but it is not known if it was because Palin chose to. Bill Shine, an executive vice president for FOX, stated “We have thoroughly enjoyed our association with Governor Palin. We wish her the best in her future endeavors.”

Palin was in negotiations for a new contract up until last week. She got $1 million a year and had a small television studio built in her home in Alaska. FOX apparently reduced the amount of money that they offered Palin given that her popularity has diminished greatly since 2008.



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