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French Fashion Throws Weight Behind Marriage Equality



Fashion heavyweights in France are putting their heft behind marriage equality. It is expected that French President Francois Hollande will introduce a same-sex marriage bill this upcoming Friday. In a statement about marriage, Chanel couture closed their show with two identical brides holding hands and accompanied by four-year-old Hudson Kroenig.

Last week, French Elle unveiled a cover featuring two white-clad models embracing with the statement “marriage pour toutes!” Carla Bruni, the wife of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, told French Vogue that she supports marriage equality despite her husband’s opposition to it. Carl Lagerfeld stated after the show that “I don’t even understand the debate. Since 1904 (in France) the church and state have been separate.” Lagerfeld, though, is oddly against adoption rights for same-sex couples.

Then again, Lagerfeld has never been that interested in children anyway.



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