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Georgia Man Sues Over GAYGUY Vanity Plate Rejection

GeorgiaUSSealAtlanta resident James Cyrus Gilbert is suing the state’s driver services department after having his application for a vanity plate reading GAYGUY rejected. He also tried to get 4GAYLIB and GAYPWR. All were denied.

Gilbert is claiming that these rejections were a violation of his constitutional rights, and said that he was not asking for anything vulgar or over the top. He also stated “Denying someone the right to put gay on their tag, that’s political. If I want I could get a tag that said straight man, but because it had gay on it, it’s not available.”

According to NBC “The lawsuit, filed against the commissioner of the Georgia Department of Driver Services, seeks approval for the requested vanity plate, nominal damages and attorney fees, as well as a court order saying the state regulation for vanity plates is unconstitutional, the newspaper reported.”

The AJC noted that there were inconsistencies in how the vanity plate applications were approved noting that G0DROKS and ILUVGUNS were denied while G0D4EVR and GUNLUV were approved. Gerry Weber, a lawyer working on the case, stated “Really these license plates are one of the primary ways Georgians use free speech.”

Whether or not the use of such a licence plate would be wise is another matter all together given the homophobic nature of Georgia.



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