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GLAAD is Mad @ Bi Rapper for Slandering Gay Blogger

She Wired has reported that Bisexual rapper Azealia Banks’s half-apologies and back-pedaling for using a gay slur on Twitter aren’t flying with many, including the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.” (Full story HERE)

I have 2 immediate reactions to this:

  1. I had to explain to my mate who these people were. Once it was explained who they were, he knew why this was bad. I’m so proud that it didn’t matter if they were gay or straight. It was just wrong.
  2. GLAAD should be mad at Banks! She’s a known bisexual who has called a gay man a homosexual slur in a public forum. That is slanderous! She defamed him in public! People saw!! *shakes head*

That is basically what we are trying to stop here, right? Why can’t people just stop calling each other bad names?! It is not necessary. Why can’t we just treat each other like equal humans? If you are angry about something, just tell them you are mad. You don’t need to degrade them and embarrass yourself by using derogatory words.

To Miss Banks- Your use of hurtful words only shows your ignorance. You embarrass yourself.The only thing I like about you is the picture I use in this article. –its a nice use of B&W.

To Mr. Hilton- I’ve never been a fan of your work, but no one deserves to be humiliated in public. Considering you work in Hollywood, I’m assuming that you have a thick skin and will prevail. *hugs*



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