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WATCH THIS: “Have You Met Miss Jones?” Drag Queen Comedy Series

Vidwalathumbnail_zpsa8c5f383Have You Met Miss Jones?
Undecided Pictures announces the launch of a new comedy on Blip.TV/MissJones.
Burbank, CA (December 29, 2012)  – The show, “Have You Met Miss Jones” launched on 12/12/12, is the brainchild of two friends who put their heads together and came up with a show that is turning out to be a “blipping” hit. James Di Giacomo, who plays the title character of Miss Jones, is a Los Angeles based actor/producer while David D. Mattia, a New York based horse racing journalist and screenwriter, have been friends for more than ten years. In that time the two have collaborated on various film and TV projects. They always seemed to be on the brink of big time success, but last spring when James put on a wig, a dress and some li[pstick, both creators knew that they’d stumbled upon the idea that just might push their creative partnership into the spotlight.

What really has put audiences on the edge of their seats is the fact that the cast of “Have You Met Miss Jones” is not your usual web series cast of new or yet-to-be-discovered actors. Here you will find some pretty big name actors like the legendary Patty McCormack (The Bad Seed), Emmy nominated actress Dot Jones (Glee), James Kyson (Heroes), veteran character actor Art LaFleur, and a host of others familiar faces.

“It’s not a gay show per se,” said a spokesperson for James Di Giacomo’s Undecided Pictures. “James and David like to think of it as perhaps ‘gay-ish’ and they both agree that their show appeals to a wide demographic — perhaps no specific demographic at all.”

HYMMJcastvisatprint_zpse00906a1“Have You Met Miss Jones” has received critical acclaim both in the USA and in Europe and the fan base has been growing in numbers more and more as each webisode is released by BlipTV.

The series follows the misadventures of Angelina Jones, a somewhat demented, low-level Hollywood gossip news reporter who hosts her own cheap show on a cable access channel in Burbank, California. Patty McCormack plays Connie, Angelina’s somewhat disreputable mother, and the combination of the two is clicking with fans.

missjonesb“People tuned in at first because they were fans of the actors, but now the show is being recognized as  genuinely funny and unique.”It’s really snowballing,” said the spokesperson from Undecided Pictures. Our hope is this unique British style quirky comedy finds a permanent home on a major cable network in 2013. Blip channel: Twitter: @MissJonesShow — new webisodes up every Wednesday.
Professional inquires can contact creator/producer James Di Giacomo at Undecided Pictures:



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