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HIViva la Resistance!

logo_header_som2Recently published in the journal Molecular Therapy, Stanford University School of Medicine researchers have managed to insert HIV resistance into T-cells, potentially making a promising step in the battle against the virus through gene therapy.

Researchers managed to insert HIV resistant genes into T-cells on multiple fronts to maintain resistance to multiple forms of this fast mutating virus. A combination of inserting these resistances and deactivating HIV’s favored receptor genes (which it uses to invade a cell) has seemingly lead to a t-cell which shows resistance to HIV.



Readers should, however, reserve excitement for the moment.

The research has yet to include human trials and many preliminarily exciting studies at this stage can quickly fade into the obscurity of time. As well, there are concerns about the process failing in practice, rupturing the cells leading to potential cancer development or being rejected outright by the cells. If anything comes of this interesting study, I’ll be sure to report it here.

The Stanford University School of Medicine press release can be read HERE.



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