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SHOW REVIEW: John Pinette Comes to VT “Still Hungry!”



On Saturday, January 19 2013, comedian John Pinette did his stand-up comedy act at The Paramount Theater in Rutland, Vermont. That Saturday was my first “official” night working as an usher. It was pretty cool because I got to see the show. The act began at roughly 8:00 pm.

So who is John Pinette?

I’ve gotta say-It seems lately I have lived under a rock with what’s going on in the current Entertainment world. I didn’t really know much about him prior to this event, but after seeing this show I would have to say that John Pinnette is a pretty damn funny guy.


Pinette in action

He is an American actor originally from Boston, Massachusetts and has been a stand up comedian for the past 25 years! He is known as “The King of Food Comedy”; as well as being a “Self-proclaimed Fat Guy. He has also been traveling all across the United States currently with his “Still Hungry Tour.

From what I have witnessed he is surely a class act.  He talks a lot about food and you never quite know where he is going to go with it. The stories he goes on about kept me quite amused.  Not only are his words enough to make you feel like you’re about to go into hyperventilation from laughing so much (in the best way possible of course!), but he has this remarkable way of keeping you quite intrigued throughout his performance and you can’t help but think – “Man! What is he going to say next? Where is he going with this? This is great!”

I would have to say his funniest moment from the show from my personal experience was his  “Chinese Buffet” routine!

There is something extremely relaxing and exciting about seeing him Live. It was a good comical time! So would I go to the next John Pinette show? Absolutely! There is just something about food and comedy that makes my heart smile like a watermelon! John Pinette= Some pretty funny stuff!!

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You can check out more of his  laugh out loud material on Comedy Central and check out his more of his hilarious DVDS HERE.



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