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Juice Boxes Making Little Boys Like Lipstick


English: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There may be something to a whacky and insane conspiracy theory pushed by noted nut job Alex Jones, but of course, he is probably completely and totally off on it. There are chemicals found within plastics which mimic human sex hormones, but there isn’t any conspiracy involving the government, and companies are busy getting rid of those chemicals.

Jones recently spearheaded the attempts to get Piers Morgan deported for speaking out against guns. Now clips of his insane theory have surfaced. He claimed that the government is “encouraging homosexuality with chemicals so that people don’t have children.”

After showing a clip that some might find erotic in its undertones as a straw pierces the plastic membrane of an orange juice container, Jones concludes that “After [little boys] are done drinking your juices, [they’re] ready to go out and have a baby… [they’re] ready to put together a garden of roses… [they’re] ready to go put lipstick on…”

He also talks about how atrazine, a chemical used in weed killers, can turn male frogs into female frogs. Of course, if this chemical actually worked on humans, it would certainly change transsexuality forever.

Have you ever noticed men like Jones obsess about gay men? Odds on are that they don’t mind lesbians. After all, lesbians are wonderful material to wank off to while imagining that they can get in there and convert them. Gay men creep guys like Jones out because, well…they’re not men are they?



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