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Knights Out Praises Move To Women In Combat

English: WASHINGTON (July 1, 2011) Official po...

English: WASHINGTON (July 1, 2011) Official portrait of Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta. (Dept. of Defense photo/Released) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The move to women serving in combat in the United States military has earned a great deal of praise, and at least one scatological column at the Washington Post. Knights Out, the LGBT Alumni of West Point, issued a statement. Former infantry Captain and Knights Out Executive Director Jonathan Hopkins praised Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and stated:

“This action recognizes the valiant service of women who have already fought in combat zones, especially over that last ten years, with honor and courage. There is a simple principle here: if someone is capable, they should be granted the opportunity to serve. I have served with women who can meet the high standards of combat units, as well as some men who cannot. Opening positions to women creates a broader talent pool, increases our ability to engage populations and gather information in places like Afghanistan, and will make our Army stronger.”



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