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Lesbian Actress Ashleigh Sumner Stars In Intense Unusual LGBT Indie Film

ashleigh-sumnerLesbian actress Ashleigh Sumner’s latest film has just wrapped up shooting in Paris. The actress of films such as “And Then Came Lola”, “I Do”, and “I Want to Get Married” as well as the TV series “The Event”, stars in Simon Savory’s “Bruno & Earlene Go To Vegas”. The film just went into editing, but filmed in Death Valley, Los Angeles and Paris.

The film involves:

Headstrong Earlene makes a discovery that she is totally unprepared for. Acting on impulses, she leaves everything behind and heads to LA. The perfect distraction comes along in the shape of the mysterious Bruno, a wandering intersex teenager she meets at Venice Beach. The two loners become fast friends, but when Earlene becomes embroiled in one of Bruno’s home rental scams, whilst simultaneously discovering just what lengths he will go to to score some cash, she takes the youth under her wing and drives off into the desert. Along the way they meet a sexually confused carjacker, a pair of Scottish ex-strippers, a tap-dancing drag queen and many more like-minded runaways – who are all looking for a way out in the world.

The film also stars Miles Szanto, Barrett Crake, Barbie Q, Phillip Evelyn, Janice Danielle, Ross William Wild, and Cassandra Peterson.

The trailer has already hit the web:

Bruno & Earlene Go To Vegas (Teaser) from Simon Savory on Vimeo.



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