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MOVIE REVIEW: “Made in Romania” by EMER

Made in Romania coverMade in Romania is the first film directed by producer Guy J. Louthan. It is a comedy featuring Jennifer Tilly, Jason Flemyng, and Elizabeth Hurley as themselves in a mockumentary about an American/British film crew in Romania making a movie based on a Victorian novel.

This is probably one of the most hilarious films I have ever seen.  Tilly is always a gem with her flawless comedic talent, and Hurley is just stunningly hilarious.  The two powerhouse sex symbols are relentless with their undying enjoyment of making fun of their own careers. Jason Flemyng adds a whimsically dopey tone to the film as he induces one of the best performances of his career while playing himself.  Being able to star as yourself and proceed to come across as a complete idiot takes a lot of talent, and a set of big cast iron balls.

The film itself is ridiculously funny.  The laughs keep coming, and its unrelenting comic genius shouldn’t go overlooked.  I’m surprised I never heard of this film, it being released in 2010, because it is now on my list of favorite films of all time.

You can buy it HERE.



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