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MOVIE REVIEW: “Teaching Mrs. Tingle”

77369LTeaching Mrs Tingle, written and directed by Kevin Williamson in 1999, is classified by Wikipedia as a “black comedy-drama film. It was originally titled “Killing Mrs Tingle” but was delayed and retitled due to the uproar about violence in movies following the Columbine school shooting.

The story starts off with top student Leigh Ann (Katie Holmes) striving to gain the title of valedictorian so she can pack up and leave town after high school. She is deterred by her vindictive history teacher, Mrs Tingle (Helen Mirren), who refuses to give her the grade needed to earn her title. Leigh Ann’s friend Luke (Barry Watson) steals the final exam paper from Mrs Tingle and tries to convince her to copy the answers and cheat. Upon refusal, they go to Mrs. Tingle’s house to talk sense to her. Things very quickly spiral out of control winding up with Mrs. Tingle restrained on a bed for several days.

I won’t blow the details or the ending for you, but it is an excellent movie for those looking to live out irrational reactions through a movie. The acting was better than expected, and the story line was every high schoolers secret dream towards a hated teacher. I watched it 14 years ago, and I enjoy it every bit as much now as I did then.
I would give it 4 stars, and suggest it to anyone over the age of 13, as that is when it becomes truly enjoyable. If you have a weak stomach for movie violence, however, this movie is probably not for you.

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