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MOVIE REVIEW: “The Thief and the Cobbler”


When I first saw “The Thief and the Cobbler I figured it was another Disney-rip-off fairy tale video for parents that didn’t want their kids watching Disney, but liked the stories (turns out it IS a Disney movie, just put out by Miramax, which they acquired in ’93). Yes, it has a princess, yes it has a straight love story, yes it has an evil villain. BUT this is no Disney story.

Where you expect to follow the story of the young cobbler, Tack, and his quest to get the love of the princess, it is in fact a story about Tack and the thief that unwittingly puts the city of Baghdad in horrible danger from the terrifying One-Eye while dealing with the dastardly plans of the evil Zig Zag, voiced by the late Vincent Price. In Tack’s quest to catch a thief, return the famed three golden balls to Baghdad and save the city and princess he loves, he will have to cobble up some courage and just might have to talk to her.

If you think it is another artistically uninteresting film, pay attention to the chase scene between the thief and Tack when they are in the Palace. Its stunning.

You can buy it HERE.

Director: Richard Williams

Writer(s): Richard Williams, Margaret French

Feast your eyes and ears on this colorful, hilarious and thoroughly entertaining action-adventure! The timeless story of The Thief And The Cobbler is brought spectacularly to life in this critically-acclaimed, feature-length fantasy created by the 1989 Academy Award®–winning animator of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Richard Williams, and features the voice talents of Matthew Broderick, Toni Collette, Vincent Price and Jennifer Beals.


Yum Yum the Princess

In an ancient city, a timid shoemaker’s apprentice named Tack falls for the lovely and adventurous Princess Yum Yum. When a bumbling thief manages to steal the enchanted golden balls that protect the city, Tack and the Princess must courageously defeat the evil wizard Zig Zag and save their beloved city from destruction.



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