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Music Mondays w/ KiKi!: Learning w/ Cartoons & Music

th5Learning is something we are always doing. There are many educational  songs that make learning fun; and not just for kids, Adults can benefit from educational songs as well. If you have children this is a great way to educate without boring them. It’s also a great way to educate yourself. Music makes learning fun! Actually, music makes everything fun!!

Schoolhouse Rock!

Schoolhouse Rock! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

School House Rock is one of the most popular musical learning shows. It originally aired Saturday mornings on ABC in 1973 . I remember watching this back in elementary and middle school! It teaches subjects on math, science proper grammar, history, economics and civics! Hell, they even made a musical out of “School House Rock” in 1994. I’m glad there are so many folks out there who share my mentality (Sing about everything! Make a song out of everything!).

The Warner Siblings

The Warner Siblings

Animaniacs is another great cartoon series that first appeared on “Fox Kids from 1993 to 1995 and then later airing on The WB from 1995-1998. (Produced by Tom Rugger and Written by Paul Rugg) You could really learn a lot  from Yacko, Wacko and Dot! Yeah they may be a little wacky and have some silly antics to them, but they are pretty smart. They sing about it and can help you remember the US states (as well as many other things)!

Sesame-Street-Sing-the-AlphabetSesame Street (first airing November of 1969) is another show that mixes music and learning. On more recent episodes, kids can learn about opposites with Katy Perry and Elmo! That is if you can handle them watching the, what is said to be by some highly controversial,  Parody of “Hot and Cold”. Although some question that an entirely different message that is trying to be said, it is still a fun song about opposites!

rock-singer-medEverybody can benefit from knowledge in the form of music! I don’t care how “silly” these songs may seem! They are no more silly than Justin Beiber trying to be “Street” and singing about some chick named “Shawty” This “Shawty” chick  should really try to  “Break it down”  to some of this fun, educational music.  You are never too old to refresh your memory or learn!

Well thanks for reading, and until next time- Peace Love & Music!!

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