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Music Mondays w/ KiKi!: Subliminal Music for a Positive Outlook

Life can be stressful. Everybody knows that. Often times our doubts, fears and insecurities can take over our minds and stand in the way of the optimistic person who hopes to achieve success and happiness that each and every one of us long to be. So what to do in these times of being in a not-so-divine state of mind? MUSIC. That’s what. Music has a way of speaking to us and getting into our mind and affecting our overall outlook on life. It’s amazing how certain sound waves can put you in a better mood. Music has a way of getting into our subconscious/unconscious minds and impacting on our out look of life be it positive or negative.

I’ve read up a lot on subliminal messages. Subliminal messages are everywhere. Advertising companies use subliminal messaging to get you to buy their products. Subliminal messages are also embedded in the music you hear and can effect both parts of your mind for positive (and negative). How about putting some subliminal music and sounds waves into your own head to gain a more positive out look in life? A mixture of self hypnosis and meditation could very well help you on the path to having a healthy and positive outlook on life and can also well enhance your mind’s functional thought process within your subconscious and unconscious mind.

The creative mind is the right side of our brain.  It is the place where our deep and most inner thoughts, and experiences developing  from early childhood reside. This is side of creativity and suppressed thoughts that we are often unaware of fully until we bring our self to a state to unlock these inner thoughts and desires that make us who we really are. Our dreams are gathered here as well, which also can explain why our dreams can often be so odd at times and symbolic.

The logical mind is the left side of our brain. It is the analytical side. It is the part of our mind that does reasoning, communicating and figuring. It is the part of the brain that gathers information and reacts to certain things without question (ie. If you were to touch a stove top your left side of your brain registers the pain and quickly pulls away and knows not to ever touch it again)

Relaxing music with positive subliminal affirmations can be a mind trip; this subliminal music can result in the formation of new neural-pathways in the brain. This is by a process called ‘neuroplasticity’. “Neuroplasticity” increases changes in a person’s thinking and behavior. It is also greatly acknowledged in learning, memory,  healthy development and even recovery from brain damage. Your brain contributes to the state in which you perceive reality. As a result of listening to subliminal music, you are likely to experience positive thought changes, happiness, a better attitude/mentality and it can also help program your mind for the determination to achieve success. I would strongly recommend checking out subliminal and meditation waves for better well being. There are different types of wave frequencies that have slightly different effects on certain parts of your brain.

Just to give you an idea:

Bin-aural beats- are very intense and have been proven to increase the positive effects within your brain wave activity. They are known to dramatically improve  your ability to visualize, think and achieve deep states of relaxation. It can be a bit of a mind fuck at first.

Alpha Waves- They place the brain in states of relaxation times, non-arousal, meditation, hypnosis

Theta Waves-  Day dreaming, dreaming, creativity, meditation, paranormal phenomena and ESP

Delta Waves- Usually associated with the deepest stages of sleep (3 and 4 REM),  as well as aiding the depth of sleep. (which is why often times Delta wave music can put you in a state of  relaxation)

Beta Waves-  Are the waves of alertness. The most common waves in the brain.  Beta waves are known to be useful in increased mental activity (concentration, problem solving, coping with anxiety)

You can also enhance your state of mind even more when you can watch subliminal videos that contain positive and inspirational flash images and words along with  subliminal meditation music. This will result in over all better effects on your  all over mind, body and spirit. The reason for this is because not only does the music have a relaxing effect on your brain but when you see these flash images your conscious mind does not have time to process it, but your subconscious mind does and as a result it becomes part of your thought process and it is always good to register good thoughts in your mind.

So chill out! Enter a state of relaxation. Free your mind and meditate to some music to inspire your soul!



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