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My Little Pony S3, Ep 10 “Keep Calm and Fluttershy On” Recap

Fluttershy Figurine w/Angel

Fluttershy Figurine w/Angel (Photo credit: rjrgmc28)

Maybe you should ask her…


Princess Celestia shows up in Ponyville with the still statue-fied Discord (voiced by Q…er…John de Lancie). She has some special idea as to what to do with Discord.


Apparently, Celestia believes that she can make use of Discord’s magic in order to do good, if it can be reformed. Celestia believes that Fluttershy is the best one to lead the reform of Discord, but she is delayed having to deal with a beaver dam at Sweet Apple Acres. (Blushing Fluttershy is so cute too!)


Oh…interesting…Discord apparently can hear everything that goes on around him when he’s stone. After turning two animals into monsters, Fluttershy uses the Stare on him, but he seems to be immune to it. He ends up staying with Fluttershy. Unfortunately, Angel is not happy staying there since he has to give his favorite spot on the couch. Discord, of course, is not really kind to Angel…though that Discord lamp is a nice touch.


The others are not happy with Discord being there, and come up with another plan. Discord makes himself comfortable in Fluttershy’s home by making it spin around. Discord believes that he can break Fluttershy and fool her. He also ate all the Reforming Spells.


Of course, the funniest thing with Fluttershy is the fact that he was never able to break her the first time around.


Ooo…cute little gravy boat…and dancing candles! Wait a minute! Are we making fun of Disney here? The Soup Terrene attacking everyone, the dancing candles.


Could it be that Discord is actually touched by Fluttershy being his friend? Of course, when there’s flooding at Sweet Apple Acres, the others jump to the conclusion that it is Discord doing something bad…but is it?


Of course…it turns out that Fluttershy isn’t as gullible as everyone believes that she is. Just because she is overly friendly. In the end, it turns out that the power of friendship can help turn a bully into a friend. While this works in Equestria, it doesn’t always work in the real world; however, when I was very young, I learned that some bullies just really want good friends. I made friends with one of my worst bullies in grade school and probably would have become really good friends if I hadn’t moved away.


Later today, I’ll have some more My Little Pony news.




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