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Nerds Become Popular (on TBS & Google)

kotn-feature-home-1100x405_091220121132I was tuned in for the second episode of a new fave tv show on TBS, “King of the Nerds“, last night when I was informed that my first article about the show was now trending at #1 on Google.

Danielle Mackey

Danielle Mackey

*blink, blink* WHAT?! –yeah.

So I guess I gotta do a follow-up.

Last nights episode was awesome, much more entertaining than the first because now we know the cast and the fighting has begun. I’m already rooting for Virgil the Robot to go home next and for the pink-haired pixie, Danielle, to do more Cosplay. *swoon*

Anyway, the cast got to do a Cosplay challenge where they had to create characters of good and evil depending on which group they were in. They also had to create a back-story for each character. The first devious act of the competition came from Virgil, who removed needed items (like all the scissors) from the supply room so the opposing team couldn’t use them. According to Brandon “It was a dick move.” -Yes it was, but its a game, so get over it.

virgil_card_374x523_100420120433As Virgil causes trouble by being…well, Virgil, his team begins to fall apart as the girls begin to take out their frustration on him. Judges from the Nerdiverse are introduced, including the awesomeness that is George Takei.

A bit expectedly, the team with Virgil on it loses the Cosplay challenge, mostly because robots don’t go with singing Steampunk girls and evil Necomancers. Seems Virgil’s welcome has run out, or has it? The robotic mind of Virgil came up with a plan to save his ass, using his robotic logic skills, and got Alana chosen to go to the Nerd-Off, where she battled nerd rocker Jon in a game of Realm trivia and giant dice bowling.

Wanna know who won?

Then watch next time!



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