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New Scout Troop Welcomes Gays & Girls in NY

The 5th Brooklyn Troop

The 5th Brooklyn Troop

The Advocate has reported on a wonderful story. New Yorker Todd Schweikert, a one-time Boy Scout who wanted his 7-year-old son to experience the joys of scouting minus the discrimination that sometimes comes with it these days, has started a new Brooklyn-based scout troop that welcomes two groups often shut out of the Boy Scouts of America: gays and girls.”

I was talking to a single dad friend of mine about this exact idea about 2 months ago. I’m glad to see that I wasn’t the only one with this idea and I’m very proud of the father that stood up for the kids and made them their own scout troop. We need more parents willing to go the extra mile for their kids to not miss out.

They already have 40 families ready to be involved. That is amazing. Best of luck to them.

For the full story go HERE.




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