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OutServe-SLDN Files FOIA Request Over Fort Bragg Discriminaton Scandal

English: SLDN Logo

English: SLDN Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OutServe-SLDN has filed a Freedom of Information Act or FOIA request at Fort Bragg seeking to review documents and correspondence related to the discrimination controversy that hit the base last month. Last month, the Association of Bragg Officers’ Spouses excluded Ashley Broadway, the wife of a female Lieutenant Colonel. The move is intended to guarantee that all LGBT military families are treated as equals to their straight counterparts.

Allyson Robinson, the director of OS-SLDN, stated “Gay and lesbian military families at Fort Bragg and throughout the armed services deserve to know if their chain of command is working for them or against them. If there is a coordinated effort that would undermine the principle that every service member and his or her family should be treated impartially, our nation’s leaders at the Pentagon need to know as well.”

The FOIA request seeks information related to communications between Lieutenant General Daniel B. Allyn and several others in regards to “the operation, continued operation, or membership or admission policies or practices of the Club.”



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