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PA Governor Corbett Suing NCAA Over Penn State Sandusky Sanctions

Penn State College of Engineering

Penn State College of Engineering (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Showing his disdain for the children of Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Corbett has announced plans to sue the NCAA over sanctions that were imposed against Penn State in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child sexual abuse scandal. The Republican governor is suing in US District Court in Harrisburg and is set to make an announcement on Penn State’s grounds.

The university agreed to the sanctions back in July and they ionclude a $60 million fine to finance child abuse prevention efforts. Some lawmakers have objected to the money being spent outside of the state. One Pennsylvanian congressman asked the US House delegation to try and force the NCAA to spend the whole $60 million inside the state.

On 12 December, NCAA president Mark Emmert stated that a quarter of it would be spent in Pennsylvania. This did not placate Republican Representative Charlie Dent who called the decision “unacceptable and unsatisfactory”.

The fine was part of the sanctions leveled against Penn State over their handling of the child sex abuse scandal. Former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was convicted last year of sexually abusing ten boys. Some of these boys were abuse on the university’s campus while others were abused on other campuses. The sanctions included a four-year ban on postseason play and cuts in scholarships for the football program. These sanctions avoided the program being suspended entirely.

The lawsuit may end up having little merit given the governance over the fine.



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