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Poland Votes Down Civil Unions

English: Simplified image of arms of Poland; t...

English: Simplified image of arms of Poland; the official arms can be seen at: Image:Coat of arms of Poland-official.png Polski: Uproszczony obraz godła Polski; oficjalne godło: Image:Coat of arms of Poland-official.png (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Poland, like much of the Western World, is grappling with changing morality and changes in the younger generation that often put the religious zeal of the older generation at odds with the secular desires of the younger generation. The lower house of the Polish Parliament rejected three bills that would have created civil unions, including one that would have provided limited rights to unmarried partners including the inheritance of property.

Despite support from Prime Minister Donald Tusk, 46 members of his own party broke with him and voted against the bill which was blocked from being sent to committees for more work by a vote of 228 to 211. Justice Minister Jaroslaw Gowin was among those who voted against all three bills on the first reading.

Before the vote, Tusk stated “You can’t question the existence of such people (living in homosexual partnerships) and you can’t argue against the people who decide to live in such way.”

Robert Biedron, who is Poland’s first openly gay deputy, was the one who proposed the move to civil unions and stated later that “Changes are coming. More and more people see that maybe there is injustice in treating people that live in unregistered partnerships and who cannot solve their fundamental problems, everyday problems.”

Some of the people opposing civil unions point out erroneously that same-sex unions do not produce children despite the large number of lesbians and gays who have children in the Western World.



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