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Preparing For A Gay British Royal’s Reign

Modern badge of the House of Windsor.

Modern badge of the House of Windsor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A new law is set to make it so that the first born child, irrespective of birth sex, of Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, will be able to inherit the throne. However, what if that child is lesbian? Or gay? Labour Member of Parliament Paul Flynn is gathering support to amend the law that would allow for the child of a royal same-sex couple to inherit the throne.

It is not as if there have not been lesbian or gay royals in the past, and it is widely suspected that Edward II was sexually attracted to men more than women, and it is believed that he had several male lovers in his life.

If this occurs,
the law would allow the reign of an openly lesbian or gay monarch and for their same-sex partner to be recognized as consort. Currently, it is unclear how the inheritance laws would handle artificial insemination and an adopted child would not be allowed to be allowed to inherit the throne.

The amendment needs to be accepted by House of Commons Speaker John Bercow, and given his support for LGBT rights, this seems likely. The law would also undo standing royal marriage law from the around 1700 regarding the marriage of royals to Catholics. The law would require that the monarch remain in the Church of England, but they could marry a Catholic.



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