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BOOK REVIEW: “We Shadows” by Sonny Strait

Faerie, yes. Gay, not so much.

“A faerie who thinks he’s human who thinks he’s insane.”

The words of King Oberon are the perfect explanation for a bizarre tale of the faeries from William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but told from the hysterically sarcastic hand of Wendy Pini‘s protege, Sonny Strait.

Have you ever wondered about the full fun stories behind the faeries of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and were pissed that Shakespeare didn’t write a sequel? –ME TOO! Well, thankfully there is the talented Sonny Strait and his graphic novels, WeShadows, to pick up where Shakespeare dropped his pen. You should read it online for free HERE.

I have to tell you I was a student/actor of Shakespeare in my younger days and thought I knew this story well. It wasn’t until reading We Shadows for the first time that I caught myself bursting out laughing because I’d never gotten the joke in Bottom’s name before. ROFL…it still cracks me up. (and to get it, you’ll have to read it. LOL)

Oh-so-smexxy Goat!

If you are already a fan and are waiting for the next graphic novel, well your wait is ending soon! Sonny is getting ready to put out The Secret Origins of Goat. This will be available for print by Sonny Strait Studios and later online in daily installments on It tells the origins of the main characters in We Shadows and is the intro to the third graphic novel.

I love this series. The re-imagined characters are easy to love, laugh at and be merry with. When I first read through the first two chapters, I had to go and tell everyone I knew about it. It is easy for readers to put themselves in the place of the characters; whether it be the confused mercenary Puck, the love-lorn Titania, the evil Glamour fae, or the self-hating Goat…readers can identify with the wacky, weird and aesthetically erotic & trippy tales intertwined in this fabulous new story.

I think Shakespeare would plagiarize it, it’s THAT good. Besides, who doesn’t like random acts of faeriedom in their lives. Keep an eye out for this one folks. Its a keeper!




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