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Rhode Island House Passes Marriage Equality Bill

English: Great seal of the state of Rhode Isla...

English: Great seal of the state of Rhode Island Français : Sceau du Rhode Island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And marriage continues to creep forward. Rhode Island’s House of Representatives voted in favor or same-sex marriage. They voted 51 to 19 in favor of marriage equality. The bill now goes on to the state Senate, and then to Governor Lincoln Chafee’s desk where he has said he will sign it into law.

When that occurs, one fifth of the states in the US will have legalized same-sex marriage.

GLAAD’s Lee Swislow stated that “We knew with our landmark Goodridge victory in 2003 that Massachusetts wouldn’t be the only state where same-sex couples had the freedom to marry for long. It’s been thrilling to be a part of securing that right for loving couples in Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine over the past few years. And now we’re proud to be a part of the Rhode Islanders United for Marriage campaign that is poised to make that a universal right across the region.”



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