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Rhode Island Judiciary Committee Passes Marriage Equality Law

English: Great seal of the state of Rhode Isla...

English: Great seal of the state of Rhode Island Français : Sceau du Rhode Island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee has approved and passed on to the full House a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in that state. Openly gay House Representative David N. Cicilline applauded the vote. He stated:

“This important effort has received the support of a growing number of Rhode Islanders from nearly every political background and religious tradition, and I believe it is time our state recognizes the dignity and value of relationships between committed and loving individuals of the same gender by enacting full marriage equality in Rhode Island.”

Cicilline has also urged and lobbied the General Assembly on the matter of same-sex marriage. Back in 2001, he was the only member of the RI House Judiciary Committee to vote in favor of same-sex marriage back when he was a state representative.

The vote was unanimous.



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