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Rhode Island Set To Vote On Marriage Equality Tomorrow

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English: Great seal of the state of Rhode Island Français : Sceau du Rhode Island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This past November, Marriage Equality came to Maine in a manner that not even the National Organization for Marriage could ignore. Oh, wait, yes, they could. NOM is doing their best to ignore that they had their backsides handed to them in three states. Instead, they are saying things like “Rhode Island has bravely held out against the tide of radical politics that has swept across its neighboring states in New England, where same-sex marriage activists have succeeded in forcing their agenda through the legislatures.”

They are saying that in order to try and avoid pointing out that they lost at the ballot box.

Tomorrow, the Rhode Island House is apparently going to be voting on marriage equality legislation. They recently passed the bill out of the Judiciary Committee unanimously and the United States Supreme Court is set to begin hearing arguments about marriage equality and the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act.

NOM may be saying:

We need to act, and act as one, to send this important message to Rhode Island in time to make an impact. Tell them that the eyes of the nation are watching, and that we will not stand idly by while the most basic institution in society — the marriage of one man and one woman — is threatened by a radical agenda.

Stand for marriage, America!

But the reality is NOM is facing a losing battle. While they may claim that they can win with enough time, this is not like the abortion issue. It is going to be impossible to cut the marriage to the bone the way they have abortion rights.



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