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S. E. Cupp Ducks The Questions

Sarah Elizabeth Cupp

One of the things that really irritates me about conservatives is when they are asked direct questions and take on an attitude of “It’s much too complicated for you to understand.” This afternoon, S. E. Cupp pulled a variation on that called “It would take too much time to explain.” The end result is the same – they don’t answer the question or explain their positions.

Cupp is one-quarter of The Cycle, 3 p.m. Eastern on MSNBC, along with Krystal Ball, Steve Kornacki and Touré. On their first day they defined themselves as “two women, two men, one conservative, three liberals, three who like men, one who likes women, two with children, two without….” Cupp is the childless female conservative, a protégé of Glenn Beck. She is a hunter and gun advocate.

The topic today was the meetings Vice President Biden is holding to discuss gun issues. The guest was veteran journalist Howard Fineman. Cupp went in swinging, claiming that there are reasons for civilians to own military weapons. Fineman politely asked her what those reasons might be. Cupp never answered the question, just repeated her statement that there were reasons. Then, Fineman used the term “rapid fire” and Cupp attacked again, stating the Fineman was using the term without knowing what it meant just for the scare factor. Again, Fineman politely, non-confrontationally asked her to explain. That’s when Cupp pulled out “I don’t want to take up everyone else’s time…” while Kornacki and Touré were pretty much ceding any time necessary and Ball was just watching the whole exchange.

Everyone’s time? Oh, let’s see how long it takes to explain this…..

“Rapid fire” in common usage means you pull the trigger and more than one bullet comes out. Sorry. I need a new battery in my second-handed watch. How many seconds did that take? I know it didn’t take a whole minute to type it.

And why do civilians need military style weapons? I can make a fair guess why Cupp didn’t answer that one. Her co-hosts would be making fun of her for weeks if she explained that we need military weapons for self-defense when the zombie apocalypse starts. No zombies? Okay. How about the truth, Cupp? Like the rest of the right wing conspiracy troops, you think Americans need to defend themselves from the Kenyan Hitler’s plan to turn America into the United Soviet States, right? Like Alex Jones, you think we’re about to launch the second 1776 – an armed rebellion. You want an AK47 to kill our duly and legally elected Democratic representatives and government officials.

Really, Sarah Elizabeth? You think killing human beings is as easy as killing ducks? You think you can look Tammy Duckworth in the eyes and blow her brains out? Do you really know what a bullet does to a human head? Ever seen blood and brain matter scattered over a square yard of wall, with loose eyeballs bouncing around? Which are you, Sarah, delusional or sociopathic?

We went through this garbage during the Clinton years, people like Alex Jones, Beck, Cupp stirring up fear over a Democrat in the White House, convincing the stupid that the government was going to take away their guns and all their rights, confiscate their property, put them on collective farms, take their children away to re-education camps. Then, they denied any responsibility for Oklahoma City, just the way Bill O’Reilly denied any responsibility for the death of Dr. George Tiller. You know the mantra, “words don’t kill, words don’t incite murder, guns don’t kill, crazy people kill”…and let’s ignore the impact of words on crazy people.

Oklahoma City, April 19, 1995

The number of “Patriot” militias peaked in 1996 at 858. It fell to 149 by the end of the Bush-Cheney administration even though the Patriot Act seriously damaged our civil liberties with warrantless wiretaps, monitoring of our retail discount cards, monitoring our internet traffic, and more. They now number 1,274. Are you proud of that number, Sarah Elizabeth? Does it make you all tingly to know there are 1,274 groups in America ready to use their Second Amendment rights to slaughter the people who work in our government just the way Tim McVeigh murdered men, women and babies in their day care?

Now is the time for Sarah Elizabeth Cupp’s co-hosts to demand the answers she refused to give Howard Fineman – why do ordinary Americans “need” military weapons? What is the proper definition of “rapid fire” along with such “scary” words as “assault weapons,” “automatic weapons,” and “semi-automatic weapons”? Give her a whole hour if she needs it. Just get the answers.

What we want is an open discussion of the problem of mass killings in America, and an open discussion should include discussing those hate groups, those militias and those people who have created this climate, this belief that a Democratic president is planning to become a dictator by any means.

We have had three presidents that political scientists classify as “constitutional dictators” because of their use of executive power, bypassing Congress and violating Constitutional rights – Abraham Lincoln in conducting the Civil War, Franklin Delano Roosevelt in dealing with the Great Depression and George W. Bush for no damned reason whatsoever. No – Nine-eleven was not a reason to deny Americans their rights under the Fourth Amendment. We have had more violations of our rights by Republican presidents than by Democrats, from Eisenhower not halting the abuses of the House Un-American Activities Committee and the State Department to Nixon and Reagan authorizing the CIA to do domestic surveillance to Bush and Cheney and the incomprehensible maze they created of intelligence agencies and secret programs, so twisted and convoluted that a young man one agency knew about was able to get on an airplane headed for the United States with a bomb in his underwear.

We need to talk about these groups and the people who incite them, and we need to start on The Cycle with the lady who won’t admit in public why she thinks people need military weapons in a country that has never been invaded, a country that can count on one hand the number of times it has been attacked by outsiders, in a country with the most sophisticated military in the world – and a military filled with real patriots and real heroes that would not follow illegal orders to enslave us.

One last thought…for anyone who might think I’m some gun-hating namby-pamby Easterner…

My father taught riflery during World War II.  He wasn’t supposed to serve in combat because he was half-blind (the reason for his 4F designation), so he taught young men how to shoot.   And when I was a teenager, he taught me.  One of the best lessons I learned from him was that the more sophisticated the gun, the less of a marksman the shooter was.  What I learned to shoot, before Miz Cupp was born, what I used to pick light bulbs out of bushes at 50 yards, was a WWII .303 Enfield with a v-sight and a brass buttplate.  I never dislocated my shoulder, never bruised myself and never ended up on my butt.  To this day, I’m still a competent marksman.  My daughter shoots, and in addition to her new passion for bows and arrows, she wants what she calls a “Zoe rig” as in Gina Torres’ weapon on Firefly — a sawed-off shot gun in a hip holster.   We look forward every year to her Thanksgiving week menus, filled with venison and wild boar hunted by my son-in-law at a hunting camp in Alabama.   Much neater than picking shot out of a bird, by the way. 



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One Response to S. E. Cupp Ducks The Questions

  1. NJ Baker

    January 10, 2013 at 2:47 pm

    Thank you. I’ve learned to tolerate S. E. on The Cycle, but her behaviour and attitude yesterday was disgraceful and disgusting.