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Scottish Politico Quits SNP Over Marriage Equality Push

scotlandAfter twenty-two years being the the secretary of the Scottish National Party’s branch in the Western Isles, Andrew Walker has resigned in protest over plans by Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond to push through marriage equality legislation. Walker cited the fact that many people oppose marriage equality in Scotland, and that he felt that the Scottish government had ignored the views of the majority on the issue.

Salmond has made it clear that he has no intentions of backing down on this. It is expected that the bill legalizing same-sex marriage would be in consultation until March. It is currently opposed by the Church of Scotland and the Scottish Catholic Church.

Walker stated
“The announcement to proceed with changing the law was on the same day that the result of the consultation was announced with 64 per cent of Scots who responded indicating they were against a change in the law – 77,508 people responded to the consultation, three times the number who gave their views on the independence referendum.”

Two other SNP politicos have quit over the decision to push marriage equality. Robert Stewart quit after twenty-two years in the party, and Liz Fordyce quit after thirteen.

Salmond has promised protections related to freedom of speech and conscience; however, Scotland for Marriage, an anti-gay group, has spread a lot of propaganda regarding these issues.



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2 Responses to Scottish Politico Quits SNP Over Marriage Equality Push

  1. Rich

    January 24, 2013 at 8:57 am

    Since when did being a local branch secretary get you elevated to being an MP?

    I think you want to check your headline. A minor apparatchik resigned, not a member of parliament.