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Needles’ Claws Up Charts on 1st Day; Bottoms for Belli

*insert evil laugh here*

*insert evil laugh here*

According to drag queens, Sharon Needles‘ & Willam Belli‘s, Facebook pages:

SN: BREAKING NEWS! Sharon Needles’ Debut Album PG-13 Skyrockets into the Top 10 Pop Charts in only a day… It doesn’t stop here… let’s make it to the top!

WB: Well will you look at who is right below me ? You’ve been “suggested,” @SHARON_NEEDLES.

Let’s see the videos from each queen. You decide who should be on top! First up Sharon Needles ft. RuPaul, Alaska Thunderf*ck and Santino Rice.

and because Willam likes a bottom…(ft. Detox from RDR:S5)

and just because.



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