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Stephen Colbert’s Sister, Elizabeth, Running For Congress

SouthCarolinastatesealShe may not be Stephen Colbert, but she is, apparently, the next best thing, or at least the next best Colbert. Elizabeth Colbert-Busch has announced that she will seek the Democratic nomination for the First Congressional District in South Carolina. Stephen Colbert was not appointed to be the Senator from his home state after Senator Jim DeMint tendered his resignation.

Colbert-Busch is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Clemson University’s Wind Terbine Drivetrain Testing Facility and was the Director of Business Development for Clemson University’s Restoration Institute. She has three children and two grandchildren.

So far, her competition for the nomination are Bobbie Rose and Martin Skelly. Six Republicans are vying for the seat including Mark Sanford, the disgraced former Governor.

Colbert-Busch could be considered the best chance for the Democrats to take the seat given the name recognition that her brother has. Stephen Colbert also has his own Super PAC, and it is unclear if he would be willing to throw his weight behind his sister in the upcoming election.



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