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‘Stonewall Nothing More Than A Barroom Brawl’

English: Jon Stewart at Barnes & Noble Union S...

English: Jon Stewart at Barnes & Noble Union Square for the launch of Earth (The Book), the 2010 book from the writers of The Daily Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pat Buchanan seems to come back time and time again no matter how much people seem to want him to go away. Buchanan appeared on FOX News in order to bash President Barack Obama’s Inaugural Address stating that it was “not uplifting”, had no poetry, was “pedestrian,” and “deeply partisan”. Of course, this long time racist was none too happy with President Obama’s mention of Stonewall. He stated:

This is a cross between a State of the Union speech with an agenda and a partisan rally given to the DNC. And so, I think, the president lost a real opportunity. Look, they usually talk about what? When I was a kid, Lexington and Concord and Bunker Hill. What was he talking about? Stonewall. That’s a barroom brawl in Greenwich Village in 1969, when cops were hassling gays in their bar, and the gays fought back and threw them all out. Does that belong in a presidential inaugural?

Jon Stewart took on Buchanan and the very predictable coverage of the inauguration on The Daily Show last night:



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