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The Dolphin Who Asked for Help

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A little over ten days ago, during a night dive to observe manta rays feeding off the coast of Kona, Hawaii, a wild bottlenose dolphin swam into the lighted area… looking for help. The dolphin swam slowly back and forth through and around the lighted area for two or three minutes before one of the divers, Keller Laros, realized he was hearing a peculiar squeal from it. As he floated closer, he realized the dolphin’s movements were being constricted by a fishing line running from a hook in its pectoral fin, around the fin and to its mouth. Noting his approach, the dolphin met him halfway and rolled, so he could better see where the hook was.

What followed was an amazing dance of trust, as the dolphin and the diver swam slowly together. Unable to completely remove the hook, Laros was at least able to cut and unwrap the fishing line so the dolphin could swim freely again. At one point the dolphin went topside to breathe, then came back to the diver.

Fortunately for all of us who love our cetacean brothers and sisters, there was a professional dive videographer on the dive, and she filmed this incredibly beautiful encounter. It is worth the 8 minutes to watch it.




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