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The Paramount Theatre from an Usher’s POV by KiKi!

Show Night

Show Night

So, has previously given you  some of the inside scoop on The Paramount Theater (located in Rutland,Vermont), the deal on what it’s about and it’s history. I want to give you all the scoop from another perspective.

As of this past Saturday, January 12 2013, I am excited to say that I have become a part of the team there. I am actually volunteering my time by choice to be apart of this amazing environment. I greatly enjoy anything to do with the arts, theater and music and being around anything of that nature. To me, it is truly a great opportunity to be a part of this wonderful atmosphere and I  have already met so many amazing people who are willing to donate their time and ask for nothing in return except for an opportunity to have a chance to make a difference and inspire as well as being able to be around those who wish to do the same.



I had my first day of orientation today.  I am going to be working as an Usher (not to be confused with R&B Stud, Usher Raymond.) They gave us the low down on the place, as well as a tour and what our jobs will consist of. Inside the Paramount Theater is pretty amazing, well put together and quite beautiful.  As you may or may not know, the inside interior is a cream like red/pink coloring.

Old pic of the Paramount exterior

Old pic of the Paramount

It was originally ‘The Play House Theater” of Rutland, Vermont. This place is actually known to be one of the finest theaters in America.  Having been built between 1912-1913 by  George T. Chaffee, the theater officially opened on January 16, 1914 . It has been through many up and downs and was closed down for nearly a decade. Over the years (and much local fundraising) it was reconstructed and the theater reopened in 2000.

Opening night was held in March 2000.   There have been many amazing performances and shows there in this past year alone; some have included; Weird Al”, Lewis Black, Ron White, The musical “Annie”, andTitanic: The Musical”. There are many more upcoming shows such as Eddie Money in concert, local dance recitals, performances by The Vermont Symphony Orchestra and many shows to put smiles on the faces of many children (classic stories brought to life such as “The Ugly Duckling). It is a great experience for all ages and there is something for every age to enjoy in the audience.

Paramountlogo(Click HERE for the 2013 Schedule of Events)

Anybody that says there is nothing going on in Rutland really needs to open their eyes and realize there is so much going on in this community if you are willing to be open minded and be a part of it. There is a saying-“Where ever you go, There you are!”. So here I am right now, in Rutland. So why not seize every opportunity there is while I’m here?



I’m really looking forward to working with the Paramount and perhaps giving some further perspective with my experience as a volunteer and the wonderful performances and shows to come!  I think the Paramount is a pretty swell place, if you ask me. I am really looking forward to giving some follow up articles on future shows. If you reading this article and you are local or planning on being in town, I am hoping you will check out the scheduled line up and be a part of the audience!



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