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Tomboy Tailors: New Masculine Clothing Line (in CA) Just for Women

clip_image002Get suited with Tomboy Tailors :( San Francisco, CA – Jan. 19, 2013) Women and men looking for the perfect unique suit to make the right impression don’t have to wait any longer. Tomboy Tailors — a new boutique clothier specializing in bespoke clothing made-to-order from the finest materials tailored to each woman’s or man’s unique frame and size by the most reputable suit manufacturers celebrates opening its doors in San Francisco.

Join the Tomboy Tailors team at their grand opening on February 2, 2013 from 2 to 6 p.m. at its new location on the first level of the Crocker Galleria, 50 Post Street.

clip_image004The new store is conveniently located in the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District and three blocks from Union Square.
Guests will share champagne and hors d’ourves with the team, enjoy music from a local jazz musician – and have the opportunity to discuss and be fitted for fine made-to-measure clothes and stylish accessories.

Tomboy Tailors caters to women and trans-masculine individuals who favor stylish masculine dress made to fit properly to suit personal preference. The company also welcomes men and welcomes women seeking made-to-measure women’s business suits.
Why is there a need for Tomboy Tailors?

Let Zel Anders, the founder and owner of Tomboy Tailors, tell you in her own words.

“As a tall masculine-of-center lesbian I have always had a hard time finding my way in clothing. We who favor a balance of masculine and feminine styles, need a clothier who can specifically tailor a suit to meet our unique needs and physique.”

Anders (a.k.a. Leslie Lewis) loves wearing men’s style clothing. Anders struggled for decades with little satisfaction to find a clothier who could tailor suits to meet her needs.

Most women’s clothing made her feel that she looked like a “drag queen,” but the 48-year-old woman has always had a difficult time finding appropriate suits, she said. Off the shelf men’s suits seldom could be tailored to suit her — and Zel found few suppliers of men’s clothing that had the unique skills to fit men’s clothing to her physique. At traditional men’s suit stores the entire experience — from customer service to being fitted for her 5’11” frame and the resulting product often turned out less than desirable, to the point where she started building up a defense each time she went shopping for clothes.

She knew there were other women like her who wanted to wear more masculine styled clothes that truly fit their personal frame and who wanted to feel good about their shopping experience. There was a need for a clothier to offer the unique services Tomboy Tailors provides, from casual suits to tuxedos to professional made-to-measure women’s suits for lawyers and other executives.

“I just believe there are a lot of people like me not happy about being limited in what they wear,” said Anders, an award-winning entrepreneur at the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center in San Francisco, about launching Tomboy Tailors to meet this niche market’s fashion needs. Anders recently completed an intensive business planning class at the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center and received the Best Business Idea Award as well as The Fred Trant Memorial Award within her graduating class. Anders also holds a master’s degree in English from Mills College and completed her undergraduate degree at the University of San Francisco.

Tomboy Tailors will offer several hundred high quality Italian and Scottish fabrics to choose from to create one-of-a-kind suits — produced by some of the most reputable manufacturers in the U.S. and Italy.

Even before opening the doors to their retail store, Tomboy Tailors is already doing business nationally and internationally. One of their clients is Ganessa James, a New York musician, who was fitted via Facetime for a tuxedo she will wear to the GRAMMY Awards while accompanying her girlfriend Chaney Sims, a principle in the Heritage Blues Orchestra, which has been nominated for Best Blues Album of the Year.

The store and accompanying website — planned for launch in April 2013 — will also offer cufflinks, ties, bow ties, ascots, pocket squares, smoking jackets, sweaters, hats — and men’s shoes in sizes and styles not generally available.

To learn more about Tomboy Tailors, visit or
To learn more about the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center, contact Sharon Miller, executive director, at 415-348-6243 or, or Maria Kelly, marketing coordinator, or 415-348-6223.

clip_image002About Tomboy Tailors:
Tomboy Tailors is a fine clothier specializing in custom-made suits and shirts of the finest quality that are made-to-measure in the material, cut and fit that you want. Our customers are butch/boi lesbians, trans-masculine individuals, and other women and men of any identity who have a strong sense of self-expression and like to wear fine custom-made clothing. Our vision is to provide everyone with a place where they can be themselves and experience excellent service, style, and quality. While our main focus is on bespoke tailored clothing we also offer fine accessories and men’s shoes in a variety of styles and sizes.



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One Response to Tomboy Tailors: New Masculine Clothing Line (in CA) Just for Women

  1. Lex

    January 20, 2013 at 11:32 pm

    Yes, girl. Welcome to San Francisco.
    I KNEW I wasn’t the only one walking around FiDi, wishing my favorite sport jacket didn’t have the buttons on the other-gendered side. For cereal! Hallelujah for this store, I ma be there on Opening Day.