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Top Chef: Seattle Recap: “Restaurant Wars”

It’s men versus women tonight on Bravo’s Top Chef: Seattle. The men and the women have to not only come up with a dish, but they have to pretty much set up a restaurant.

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This is going to be a very different episode. First of all, it’s an hour and a half, and secondly, this is not about challenges in the same way with the four men and four women who are left going head to head. For Brooke, the decision to come on the show has been difficult in that it has meant leaving her young son.

Kristen was the executive chef for the women. Sheldon acted as the executive chef for the men. Brooke acted as the face of the women’s team while Stefan was the face for the men.

Not an easy run of dishes that they want. Each of the teams have two different cuisines. The men went for Filipino cuisines. For the women, it seemed more like a normal run of goods.

One of the big issues ended up being some of the problems with the cooking. Josie was tasked by Kristen to create a particular broth that they would thicken with gelatin, but Josie took the whole thing far too slowly to get it properly created and set up.

A little schmoozing, a little boozing…Padme looking absolutely stunning in tall heels and a simple dress. The judges went to the women’s team restaurant first. Emeril and Tom were rather impressed with how fast they were able to get the restaurant set up and staffed in two days. Apparently, the graphics was very good. The big problem was the boullais base apparently fell very flat. Kristen was not happy with how Josie did, and Kristen was not happy with how things worked. Lizzie noticed that the two were not going well. Unfortunately, for Kristen and Josie, they both had problems in their visions. Kristen wanted to put things together as they came in, but that created problems with getting the food out.

In fact, the women’s team had a complete meltdown overall with undercooked scallops and overcooked halibut.

For the men, the biggest problem was the fact that too many people wanted to stay and not leave. This created a huge problem with the fact that not enough tables when people came in. This is not good. The kitchen on the men’s team ends up being a little backed up and the judges also noticed that there were some major problems with seating. Stefan was criticized for not prepping his diners to enjoy their meals. This was especially true for the egg dish, and the biggest failing from Stefan came during the main course. He really made the judges feel like idiots because he did not really know what they were eating and basically b.s.ed his way through that explanation.

In a sense, the failings for the women’s team tended to be in the cooking, but for the men’s team, it was really the presentation and interaction in the restaurant that really was a problem.

The ultimate decision was about all of the elements, but it did not look good for either Stefan and Josie.


Josie was hit hardest. Kristen and Brooke got some good props for what they did. Brooke, especially, got good praise for handling the room. Lizzie was happy with her dish and no one seemed overly upset with it. Josie’s problem ended up being that no one was happy with what she did. She did try to hand all of the responsibility over to Kristen for her failures.

The men’s team won the contest, which saved Stefan from being cut. Kristen, though, took responsibility for what happened in the restaurant and was honest about what happened in the decisions that she made. The judges were torn over the whole thing. The big question was whether or not Josie was skating by because she doesn’t want to take responsibility for her own actions.

Kristen ended up being the one to go in the end. She took responsibility and showed maturity in her decision to fall on her sword. She admitted that it was her problems that hurt the team.

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4 Responses to Top Chef: Seattle Recap: “Restaurant Wars”

  1. sheila

    January 17, 2013 at 2:47 pm

    I agree with the two comments above. I can’t believe Josie is still on the show. I can’t believe the sent home the wrong chef. If it wasn’t for Sheldon I would quit watching the show too.

  2. sheila

    January 17, 2013 at 2:45 pm

    no happy what happened last night. josie should have gone home awhile back.. crazy how they let kristen go. might stop watching too.

  3. Eliza Meredith

    January 17, 2013 at 4:12 am

    What are the judges thinking!? Josie has done so many wrong things , yet Padma seemed to overlook it all. Is she jeoulus of Kristin? Josie has been on the bottom so many times, yet she prevails over much more deserving Chefs. I may quit watching after this. The “Chef Judges” should be making the decisions and Ms. Padma should resume to being the host.

    • Bridgette P. LaVictoire

      January 17, 2013 at 9:44 am

      I totally agree. Yeah, Kristen screwed up, but Josie basically dragged her heels over the whole sauce and blew off responsibility for her own mistakes. In a real restaurant setting, she would have gotten fired.