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TVLand 101: “Disney Generations”

As a collector of odd and scarce movies I am always shocked and excited to see a rare title pop up for retail sale. DVDs are cheap to make now, but more and more people are turning away from cataloging their favorite titles and turning to online streaming, and why not? it takes up less room.

No one ever considers what happen when a movie becomes no longer available. Studios are less likely to release main stream titles, let alone obscure ones. Then Warner Brothers had an idea..made-to-order DVDs. DVDs that are printed only when you order them. Now it appears to my heart’s delight that Disney is jumping on board offering 19 titles that are either unreleased onto DVD or never have been. To top it off they are being sold exclusively through

With luck more titles will follow and many unreleased titles will start to appear on the open market. Titles include the TV pilot movie “Beyond Witch Mountain“, not aired since 1982 to the classic Halloween film “Child Of Glass“. John Denver‘s “The Leftovers” and the rare Sasquatch film “Fuzzbucket” are now available to see again and better yet…own.

The true Vermont story “Justin Morgan Had a Horse” is also one of the treasures available for the first time since 1981. These are a must for any Disney aficinado.

A list of the Disney Generations Collection is HERE.



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