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TVLand 101: Wonder Woman 1974

lynda-carter-0038Every young man growing up in the 70′s knew who Lynda Carter was, a very attractive woman playing a very attractive superhero. To this day that is the very embodiment of Wonder Woman.

WW-CathyLeeCrosbyWhat most people don’t realize is that 1 year previous to the hit tv series ABC had tried out a very different styled Wonder Woman, played by Cathy Lee Crosby. In retrospect the movie is simply awful, and one can easily see why it did not get picked up as a series. The costume was a horrible rendition, the acting looked like they were trying to act, and the plot-line was weak. It did however have some notable guest stars like Ricardo Montalban.

WonderWoman74The Movie focuses on a set of missing books with US agents names that has gone missing, putting the agents life in jeopardy.  Abner Smith, an international thief, has helped himself to the books and is selling them to the highest bidder. It’s up to Wonder Woman to thwart Abner’s thugs and make her way to the Mushroom Rock, located deep within the Grand Canyon, to intercept the cash exchange and to bring Abner to justice.

It has the definite 70′s feel as the script, penned by John Black, attempts to modernize Wonder Woman. For years this was a lost tv classic popping up on late night tv on such stations as WWOR and TBS. Now the movie has been officially released as part of the new Warner Archive Collection, a collection of made to order DVD‘s. This is a must for any TV Collection.



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