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While Boehner Fiddles With Abortion, Wright-Patterson AFB Cuts Jobs

Emblem of Air Force Materiel Command, a Major ...

Emblem of Air Force Materiel Command, a Major Command of the United States Air Force. Includes old Army Air Corps roundel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While House Speaker John Boehner is pushing for an end to abortions in this year, his district is suffering from some steep job losses. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio has announced a freeze on civilian hiring and plans to lay off 344 temporary employees ahead of sequestration cuts later this year.

The cuts were ordered by the Air Force Materiel Command, which oversees the base. The job losses and job freezes hit an area which is represented by numerous Republicans, including House Speaker Boehner. The area, which is northeast of Dayton, is severely depressed in terms of jobs.

Commander General Janet Wolfenbarger stated “We don’t expect these near-term reductions to solve the entire fiscal challenge facing us in the event sequestration is triggered or we receive significant top line reductions. These near-term actions are only small steps towards absorbing the impact. Planning is underway for the possibility of larger reductions.”

Wright-Patterson is the largest employer in that area. The base is expected to keep those considered vital to areas like law enforcement, healthcare, and flight line operations, to name a few, but will cut in other areas. They have already cut spending by 20% this year. The base is also canceling all non-essential travel, cutting supply purchases and reducing the number of air show flyovers. The base will still hire another twenty civilian police officers.

Recently, House Speaker John Boehner began to push a plan to end abortion in the United States while former Republican Vice Presidential candidate and Representative Paul Ryan made it clear that the automatic cuts to the budget will be occurring because the House has no plans on actually negotiating with President Barack Obama or in increasing revenue into the government.



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