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Woman Gang Raped, Hung In Mango Grove In India

Bihar, the state in India where majority of Bi...

Bihar, the state in India where majority of Bihari People live (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Police in India are investigating two more brutal gang rapes in the wake of the recent protests over their handling of the gang rape and murder of a medical student late last year. In Bihar, a forty-five year old mother of four was found hanging in a mango orchard by her sari. According to Senior Superintendent K.S. Anupam, there is evidence that the woman was raped by multiple assailants. Police are also trying to figure out why the woman, who was traveling from West Bengal to New Delhi, got off the train before her stop.

In the other high profile case, a twenty-nine year old woman was attacked on an illegal bus in the state of Punjab. The woman got on the illegal bus after visiting her husband’s family. She was then driven to a remote location, raped throughout the night, and dumped near her village the next morning.

Former Punjab finance minister Manpreet Singh Badal stated “It is a tragedy but at the same time I am not particularly surprised. Until men fear the law then these types of crime are going to continue.”

While gang rapes and rapes do not appear uncommon in India, the recent gang rape and murder of a twenty-three-year-old medical student sparked protests which brought to light the inadequate, shoddy, and often corrupt attitudes and practices within the Indian police force regarding women’s rights and the attempts to blame women for being raped by various politicians.



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