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At CPAC: No Gays Allowed

But This Lady Will Be There

But This Lady Will Be There

Poor GOProud. For that matter, poor Log Cabin Republicans. It appears that the Tea Party-GOP love fest known as CPAC is going to have to be a little less glamorous this upcoming year. In a move that is not surprising, neither group will be participating in the upcoming CPAC.

Jimmy LaSalvia, the head of GOProud noted that “We were kicked out last year and nothing has changed and we wont be at CPAC. The last communication I’ve had from them is that we were kicked out. Nothing has changed.” LCR spokesman West Honeycutt also said “At the present time, we have no plans to participate in CPAC this year.”

Why the move is a surprise to some political observers is a mystery given that the pariah groups have been unwelcome in the Conservative community as much as they are unwelcome among the LGBT Community. This is largely because the Conservative movement has become a huge echo chamber that only listens to itself and only believes in what it thinks can secure them the base even as the party base dries up.

Republican strategist and GOProud advisory board member Liz Mair showed off the lack of understanding about how out of touch the Conservative movement has become by saying “CPAC is a private organization and it can do whatever it wants — as a libertarian, there’s simply no other position for me to take on that — and I will attend CPAC this year, as I have in the past. But like a lot of conservatives and libertarians I know, I will do so with much less enthusiasm than I did a few years back in part because the impression CPAC is giving off, and doing too little to alter in my opinion, is that it’s not really keeping pace as the conservative movement modernizes.”

Both GOProud and LCR have been involved in CPAC in the past, but their inclusion caused a great deal of controversy with many prominent- and far more powerful- social conservatives refusing to attend and even hurting CPAC overall.



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