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Bieber Fans Get Homophobic On Drummer’s Twitter

Justin Bieber at the 2010 White House Easter E...

Justin Bieber at the 2010 White House Easter Egg roll (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Patrick Carney is having it out with Justin Bieber, and a lot of it is coming in the form of homophobic abuse from Bieber’s fans. Carney is the drummer for the Ohio-baed band The Black Keys, and he and Bieber have been feuding since Carney suggested that Bieber did not deserve to be nominated for a Grammy.

Bieber, who comes from a very Christian background, suggested that Barney be ‘slapped around’. The feud appeared to die down, but then reignited after something that Carney did. Honestly, I haven’t been following it until it landed on my radar for this…

Carney restarted the feud after he changed his Twitter photo and username to mimic Bieber…

Of course, what happened next is rather predictable when it comes to Bieber fans.

Pink News reports that Carney was bombarded with comments like “it’s really sad how ugly old and pathetic you are. You have to pretend to be Justin just to feel good about your self…. Go get a LIFE instead of waisting your time upsessing (sic) over Justin YOU GAY ASS BITCH”.

Still more wrote “How could you hate on justin for not getting a Grammy while your sitting there like a faggot ass playing cheap ass drums like bye”, and “Maybe patrick carney’s gay and this is his way of coming out,” oh and “Does patrick carney even realise how much of a faggot he looks.” One wished that Carney would be hit by a bus.

Carney has been married since last year, and yes to a woman. Her name is Emily.

Carney, though, seems to be enjoying the notoriety. After he returned hit Twitter account to it’s old state he wrote on the bio “official twitter for the actual verified Patrick Carney (formerly Justin Bieber). Drummer in the Black Keys. Pet Groomer.”

It is not surprising that Bieber’s fans would resort to homophobic attacks on someone they hate. Then again, most bullies lack the ability to say anything actually cutting and chose to try and belittle a guy’s manhood in order to look more manly themselves.



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One Response to Bieber Fans Get Homophobic On Drummer’s Twitter

  1. Sean

    February 18, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    Ha! Nevermind that Beiber posts himself on GWiP. What would his fans think if they knew?