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BOOK REVIEW: “Everybody Loves Tank Girl” by Mahfood & Martin

Tank-Girl-1“Everybody Loves Tank Girl” because she’s just that awesome.

In this edition of Tank Girl’s mad chase through fields of carnage we get to meet Dr. Booga and get a prescription for an LSD-laden killing spree where we get reminded that we are all beautiful, Man. I love this edition! She’s back to looking all sexy & bad-ass, with an updated look that brings her back to her original “if looks could kill” style of kick-assery. (Yes, I wrote kick-assery.) Find out how Booga & Barney almost hooked up, what happens when Tank Girl tries baby sitting, and revel in the End of it all. You gotta get this one! You just have to. Force them to take your money and just grab it. Make this book yours!! NOW!

{Editor’s Note: I’d include an awesome quote from Tank Girl, but there is just so much swearing, t wouldn’t make sense here.}

The synopsis from Titan Books:



Everyone’s favorite outback anarchist is back to blow things up, swear profusely and offend the elderly! Alan C. Martin teams up with wunderkind Jim Mahfood to bring you Tank Girl as you’ve never seen her: wild, raw, foul-mouthed and forever rockin’ but rendered in a style that will bring pleasure to thine eyes. Meet The Wee Wee Brothers, travel south to a Hippie Fest with all the gang, take a tour around Booga’s factory, and let Tank Girl show you How To Dress Quite Good.

You can get it HERE.

Here is some of the art from the new book. Enjoy! I am.




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One Response to BOOK REVIEW: “Everybody Loves Tank Girl” by Mahfood & Martin

  1. koala

    February 26, 2013 at 11:33 pm

    love this