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CBS’ Criminal Minds Rips Masks Off Of “Ex-Gay Therapy”‘s Darkness

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What does it take to create a serial killer?

On last night’s Criminal Minds, which I wasn’t able to watch since I was covering Top Chef, answered that in an unusual way. Pathology and triggers of what creates a murderer, a rapist, a criminal all vary greatly. Criminal Minds typically deals with those who are pathological in nature rather than those who kill out of panic while committing other crimes. It is part of the fascination that we have with those who will kill, and this kind of entertainment predates even before Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In fact, one of the earliest stories involving a serial killer is “Blue Beard.”

So, we have three dead bodies- one male killed out of a very specific form of rage with his face caved in, and two women, one of whom is known to have been severely mutilated after a failed sexual encounter.

The murderer is targeting these women’s ‘femininity’, and the first target was gay. The murderer is conflicted. He has been pushed to hate being gay, but is gay. How does that crack the psyche? About half way through the episode, it gets to that point where the BAU comes to understand what the murderer is doing and why.

And the Bible comes into it with Leviticus 18:22.

This is not a full recap of the episode. While not exactly based on ‘real life’, this episode does go into the damage that conversion or reparative therapy does to children even if they are ‘benign.’ In the worst cases, these camps create such self hate, and such self loathing that many of those who come out of it, come out scarred badly. Many commit suicide.

In the end, we find out a lot of what the camp has been doing to children. It is a scary watch, but for those who want to see how television is starting to unmask the horrors of these camps and of the ‘ex-gay’ movement, you can watch it here.



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