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Chris Hayes, S.E. Cupp Walk On CPAC Over GOProud, Does It Matter?

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Scene from past CPAC. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sarah Elizabeth Cupp and Chris Hayes of MSNBC have both emphatically decided not to attend this year’s CPAC. Cupp, who is a Glenn Beck-style Libertarian Conservative, was set to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference, and Hayes, who tends to be more Liberal, was suppose to participate in a panel at the convention. They made their decision based upon the decision by CPAC to exclude two Right-Wing LGBT organizations.

Hayes said on his show this past Saturday that “GOProud is not an organization I share much with ideologically, or even, truth be told, like all that much. They come out of the Breitbart wing of the conservative movement that seems to relish nothing more than pissing off liberals. GOProud is not really the point. The point is the principle, which is: it’s not OK to ban organizations for reasons of pure bigotry.”

It is not an easy position for CPAC to be in. On the one hand, the Conservative movement is rapidly becoming more open about issues like same-sex marriage and LGBT equality, but at the same time, they are continuing to remain heavily influenced by Social Conservatives who refuse to acknowledge the humanity of LGBT people.

Unlike GOProud and the Log Cabin Republicans, there are dozens of anti-gay groups within the Conservative movement, and they have a disproportionate hold on the nature of CPAC. In a way, the problem with CPAC , S.E. Cupp and Chris Hayes is that these decisions fail to reflect the reality of the Conservative movement. The unfortunate reality is that, until those within the larger Libertarian wing of the Conservative movement stand up and walk out over the treatment of GOProud and LCR, none of this will matter. All that will happen is that Conservatives will dismiss both gestures as being because the two pundits work for MSNBC.

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